Hot Water Heaters

Ahh... there's nothing like a hot shower... until you get that icy cold blast! When your hot water heater fails, it's not a good thing. You need hot water for bathing, washing clothes and dishes, and for cooking. Without it, well, Precision Plumbing doesn't want you to have to go there.


Offering water heater repair and installation, we'll come out to talk with you about your water usage to make sure you'll be using your repaired unit correctly or ensure that if we're doing a water heater replacement, that you'll get the unit that best fits your needs. Precision Plumbing works with both electric water heaters and gas water heaters.


Many people have asked about tankless water heaters - for commercial use, these work well. However for a home, they fall short of the mark, are costly and don't perform well. Find out more about the realities of installing a tankless water heater.


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